Progress of App Inventor for iOS

Track progress as we develop App Inventor for iOS!
Each of the bars below indicates our progress in implementing the blocks and components of App Inventor for iOS. Clicking on a category or component will expand to show detailed information about implementation progress. In some cases Apple privacy restrictions prevent the implementation of some App Inventor features for iOS. These items are indicated by a red strikethrough, i.e., like this.

Built-In Blocks

Progress on implementing the built-in blocks (by category) is shown below. Each progress bar reflects the color of the block in App Inventor. Clicking on a category will expand it to show a detailed list of which blocks are implemented, or not yet implemented (shown in grey text, i.e., like this).


Progress on component implementations is shown below. Progress is summarized by events (gold), methods (purple), and properties (green). Clicking on a component will expand it to show a detailed breakdown as to which events, methods, and properties have or have not been implemented.